what people are saying about Ali

Ali is a top-notch visual designer, creative problem solver, and leader.

Tara Montgomery

Former Account Manager at Zooka Creative

Her willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities with such ease was something I admire greatly.

Austin Gubrud

Former Account Manager at Zooka Creative

She is immediately responsive to our requests and she has a ferocious attention to detail.

Debbie Chinn

Former Executive Director at Opera Parallèle

Without a doubt, Ali has proven to be very talented, detail-oriented, and reliable.

Lauren Sugayan

Communications and Marketing Manager at Union City, CA

Ali’s work is brilliant and professional. She is such a pleasure to work with.

Allison Pratt

Former Senior Development Associate at Hamilton Families

Her personable nature allowed us to quickly become friends and work in harmony on a variety of projects.

Christopher Atwater

Former SEO Specialist at Zooka Creative

She has an outgoing and friendly personality which makes working with her fun.

Steve Mortensen

Former Associate Director of Creative Services at Affymetrix

She is full of joy and very supportive of our mission and unique needs.

Debbie Wilber

Former Director of Development at Hamilton Families

She beautifully executes both specific and abstract creative direction, with patience and open communication.

Nicolle Gameiro

Former Communications Consultant at Hamilton Families

She is a collaborative hard worker with a keen eye.

Navi Kahlon

Former Associate Director, PMO and Creative Operations at eBay

She has a gift for taking complex information and visually communicating it in a way that is both effective and visually stunning.

Chase Campbell

Former Director of Client Services at Zooka Creative

Ali is equal parts strategic and visually gifted.

Santiago Sinisterra

Former Account Director at Zooka Creative

She radiates confidence, awareness, grounding, and professionalism.

Danny Riha

Former Copywriter at eBay